OOTD-29th June

Hello there.. Hope you all had a blessed Sunday. Today is the second last day of the month meaning school is already right around the corner 😦 😦 😦 only three more weeks. These holidays are just tooo damn short man.

Anyway in other news… today I’m sharing with you my outfit of the day. I wore this to church and lunch with the fam. I bought the skirt from a vintage store in Capetown about two months ago but hadn’t had a chance to wear it until today.. The top is borrowed from my sister. The neckpiece was a birthday present from my friend Tracy and has a pendant with a photo of Marylyne Monroe. I love it.





Haha you all know I had to have a tushie photo..




I like this outfit because it can be all offcial with the addition of the specs as well as suitable for an afternoon out with the addition of the sunglasses


The bag is Annabella(designer brand)


Hope you enjoyed..have a lovely week



2 Comments Add yours

  1. A gorgeous outfit! I’d never think of sucha combination myself,but it loks really great!


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