OOTD-14th July

Hey guys.. 🙂

I’m back again…this time with an outfit of the day post.  Forgive the photos, these are the struggles of having no one around to take you photos but I really think I’ve perfected the art of mirror selfies, don’t you?

So anyway I wore this outfit when I went shopping at maasai market and later for a lunch date with my friend. The maxi skirt is from Mr Price, and the crop top was bought by my mum from somewhere in the UK. I was debating whether to wear the top with a black or pink skirt. I settled for the pink because I feel the polka dots are greatly complimented by the pink. Hope you like it.





The hairstyle was inspired by one of my hairstyles of the month which I did a post on earlier on this week. If you want more details you can go and read the post here . I’m braiding my hair today so it’s gooodbye open hair and helllooooo braids! its been around 4 months since I last braided my hair so I’m like super excited and also happy to give my hair a rest.

I also got some really good buys from Maasai Market.

IMG_20140714_064823[1] IMG_20140714_064754[1]

These two pairs of Maasai sandals, for me and my sister. Gorge right?


Well I’ve always wanted peacock earrings so yaaay me!


These black and white beaded earrings were a must have after I spotted them


And you all know I couldn’t leave without buying some material so I got this yellow and purple kanga.

Thank you for reading..




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Margaret says:

    Heeey,,love your blog it’s awesome..and you are looking good as always…


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