Our Biggest Fear Should be that we’re Powerful Beyond Nature

Hey lovelies..


So I hope your weekend was as good as mine, if not better. Today I want to tell you guys about this course I’ve been attending the past month on personal financial management. So I first heard about this course from my mum who did it and was so inspired on her journey of wealth creation that she insisted that all her babies ought to attend it as well. She even went ahead to pay for the course and change our flights without consulting us just so that we could be in Kenya in time to attend the course. So you can imagine I wasn’t even the most excited person while going for my first class.

My money spending habits are really bad.. I guess I can say I’m a big spender and small saver or rather I was before I attended this course. Now I’m on a mission to cut down too many unnecessary costs, save…and not just save but invest, invest, invest! So anyway the course was called Centonomy Campus Edition which focused on university students. The main course which is longer and has no specifications of age is called Centonomy 101. I feel like the campus edition was way too short. We only got to cover four modules. We had lessons on Saturday morning from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm but most times we ended up staying even longer because there was just soo much to learn.

I can’t even begin to summarise what we learned because this post would be tooo long. All I want to do is to urge all of you to please attend this course for those of you that can. It will change your lives. Also, I want to leave you with a few questions we were made to ponder on.

1. What will you want to experience by the time that you’re as old as Mother Teresa was?

2. What would you do now if you knew no one would judge you?

3. Do you settle for what you know or what you can do?

4. Do you celebrate what you have or focus on what you don’t have?

I know this is a cliche line but the sky really is the limit guys. I am so motivated to do so much in my life starting now especially because I’m young and have a lot of time. I have big things planned for next year. I’ll give you a hint that a new business is on its way so I tell you again, watch this space.

I also got to meet very cool and goal driven young people who I was proud to surround myself with because as you all know you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. We graduated on Saturday after attending our last class but this is definitely not the end of my Centonomy journey..


I was feeling all African inspired that day and my outfit reflected this. Hope you like it.








I am totally in love with this Maasai neck piece and I see myself wearing it over and over with so many different outfits.

Hope you enjoyed the read..

Attend Centonomy and change your life!!


till later


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