Hey lovelies…

So first of all, happy new years eve.. I hope you are all very fine.. I’m currently in the car travelling back to Nairobi from the village. Don’t even ask how I’m managing to type with my phone. I miss my laptop and sewing machine and wifi and all the lovely things about home. Glad to be heading back.

So anyway the last few days of the year are always perfect for reflecting and that’s what I’ve been doing during this short trip to the village.

This for me has been such a good year. I’ve been lucky and blessed in so many ways I can’t even fully describe. However, I would like to acknowledge some of the best things that have happened to me this year.

1. Getting accepted to UCT(University of Cape Town) at the beginning of the year to do the course I wanted. I am done with my first year studying Bcom in Information Systems and Computer Science. I struggled  a lot with the course during the year and even thought of dropping it but with encouragement and perseverence I came to enjoy it and decided to move forward with it. UCT is the best university in Africa and even though I don’t always say it I am very grateful to be there.

2. My blog. I started this blog in February to share my love of fashion and style with the rest of the world. It has had a lot of good feedback and I am more than motivated to grow it. (if that’s the correct term lol) there are so many times writing here and sharing my little passions and projects with you really helped change my sour mood or remove me from my mini states of depression. For that I say thank you.

3. My family. First, my mummy whom I love so so dearly despite all our disagreements. She is and will forever remain my rock and role model. For The countless times she’s encouraged me to persevere and not lose hope, the times she’s lent me her shoulder to lean on and the times she’s gone out of her way to stand up for me and defend me… I say thank you thank you thank you. My sisters….For letting me find best friends in them no matter what, Aggie for being the best and wisest big sister a girl could ask for. My daddy for supporting me and putting me through school I say thank you to all of you


4. Arnold. You were one of the best things that happened to me this year. Meeting you, and getting to know you is something I wish I could relive each day..I have found a friend and loving boyfriend in you and look forward to the many more days we have ahead of us.


5. Jillian. Even after all our many fights you’re still the first friend I would come to with both good and bad news. We grew unbelievably close in such a short span of time. Thanks for being my best friend this year. We’ve been through too much together though. You’re the only one who’s seen me at my worst. . .and best as well. . And still loves me all the same. I really am grateful for our friendship and look forward to becoming even closer friends next year


6. Centonomy. The personal financial management course I attended this year. Thank you for opening up my eyes to the world of wealth creation. Thank you for motivating me, teaching me and inspiring me to be the best I could be and more. I will definitely put what you taught me into practise.

7. My sewing machine. For this I should actually be thanking my mum again for getting it for me. But anyways I am so grateful for my little baby. I see us creating many great things in the years to come.

8. Attending The Fray and 30 Seconds to Mars rock concerts. These two are one of my best rock bands and I feel so lucky that I got to watch them perform live in Capetown. One of the reasons I love this city so much. They were both so amazing and both bands did not disappoint at all… totally worth it!!! I hope to be able to attend more in 2015

If I continue, this post would be way toooo long. So for everything else that I didn’t mention I say thank you. For old friends,  new friends,  safety of my loved ones, etc etc I say thank you to God. You have blessed me so much this year and I hope that you have better things in store for me next year

I hope you all have a lovely new years eve… Drive safe…party hard… see you all on the other side

Until later


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