Hey lovelies..

I promised a hair post so here it is.. I recently undid my hair so I’ve been rocking my afro for about a week now. However, I’m braiding it again tomorrow just before I leave for school in Capetown.. I would also like to add that the hair growth has been so good especially in mass. The afro has become bigger. That’s why I wanna braid it again because it seems to really grow when it’s braided

Today I’m gonna share with you guys a few tips of how I take care of my natural hair. I washed, treated and blowdried it yesterday in preparation for braiding it and also to see just how long it was lool I was curious. Here are the steps of my hair care routine.



This is how my afro looks after doing bantu knots

So anyway I treated my hair using honey and Tresemme Naturals Conditioner. First, I just mixed a bit of the two together and applied it onto my hair after wetting it



I then put on a shower cap and sat in the sun for an hour to let the treatment melt in.

After this, I washed off the treatment and prepared the oils I was going to use. I used a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil. I mixed the two together in equal amounts.

I then blowdried my hair at the salon and applied the oils

This is how it turned out





I’d advise you to treat your hair atleast once a month. I’m new to using coconut oil and honey. After listening to my naturalista big sister talking so well about them I just wanted to try both of them out and see if they did anything to help my hair.. So far, my hair feels and looks amazing but I’ll let you know of any changes, good or bad in the future.

Hehe sorry for all the snapchat pics. I just tend to take most of my photos on snapchat nowadays

Anyway that’s the routine I use to treat my hair. Feel free to try it out and let me know how it goes. Hopefully there’ll be some more hair growth after I braid it again

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Until next time


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