Hey lovelies… Yes, yes, I know. I disappeared for quite a while hey.. haha, and as usual my excuse is school but this time it’s not school work that’s been keeping me from blogging. If you follow the news then you’ve probably heard of the mass protests that have been going on in universities all around South Africa.

Students have been protesting for a decrease in the rise of school fees #FeesMustFall following the continuous insane increase of fees in universities in South Africa each year. Due to these protests, school has been closed for the past one and a half weeks which meant that I had no access to unlimited internet and what not meaning less blogging 😦 😦 but anyways.. I couldn’t take the distance anymore so I decided I ought to pop by a friend’s house and shamelessly use their internet to update my blog πŸ™‚ so here I am.

Today I wanna talk about my swimsuit day. I’ve always been extremely afraid to wear swimsuits and bikinis because I am just not that confident about my body but recently I’ve been learning to appreciate all my curves and body type more and more. I thus decided to buy myself a swimming costume which I wore to the beach for my friend Jessica’s birthday party. I love the fact that it’s not too revealing and compliments my body perfectly. I threw on this chic white striped blouse on top to finish off the look. The blouse is from Mr Price and the swimsuit from a little store in Capetown (can’t remember the name) hope you like the daring and different look.













Have a good evening loves



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