Hey guys!!! 🙂 Did I ever tell you about the photo shoot I took part in a couple of weeks ago? Well here is the 411..

It was a shoot for this upcoming hair and beauty college called Azizi. Azizi strives to be all natural…They offer a variety of courses , some of which are hair styling techniques and hair care for natural hair. They also offer courses in the beauty section, for example how to apply make up and so on. In addition, Azizi also has a salon and barber shop for those of you who would want to try out a really high end salon experience…Manicures, pedicures and massages are also not left behind.  What I really like about it is that it strives to embrace natural African beauty and hopes to inspire other African women to do the same. Having natural hair myself, I was a suitable fit for the photo shoot. Please check out their website here and apply for one of their courses or just try out their salon or barber shop. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, I took part in the photo shoot with my elder sister Aggie who has the most beautiful natural hair and two other girls,  one of whom is a  professional model. The location was this beautiful spot in Karen, Nairobi called Rock House. Having never done a professional photo shoot before I was super excited. It was truly a moment in my life I am very grateful to have been lucky enough to experience. However, it was not as easy as I expected. Now I understand why all those models in America’s Next Top Model always seem so stressed out. I am used to posing for my blog posts and my friends or family snapping my pictures for me. Working with a professional photographer is totally different. Thankfully, the one we were working with was really nice and understanding. It was a bit confusing when he kept giving direction like “be fierce” lool. I don’t really know how to be that. Haha but anyway the whole thing was a success.

I also entered this bloggers competition on Instagram where I had to wear an outfit from Vivo, take a picture in it and get my friends to like it. The post with the most likes would win. I wore the dress from Vivo for this shoot. However, I didn’t end up winning but was glad to have participated. I’m trying to do more daring things lately and this was a perfect opportunity to do so.

Here are a few photos of me from the shoot. My shoes are from Clarks and the gold jewellery from Maasai Market. The photographer’s name is Andrew Gakinya.





The above photo is the one I submitted in for the Vivo Instagram Style challenge.








Thank you for reading.

Until next time




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