Hey lovelies. So I was debating on whether or not to put up this post. In the end, I thought I ought to document all the really great experiences of 2015.

Screenshot_2016-01-01-18-05-13-1 Screenshot_2016-01-01-18-01-08-1

2015 was great. I grew so much, learned so much, experienced so much. I’m not saying it was the best because there were also the hardships experienced. However, I think I should focus on all the positive ones. So instead of a Taking Stock post for December, I’ll share my best 2015 moments with you 🙂 This post was actually supposed to go up yesterday but life happened. I was exhausted after travelling back to Nairobi from the village so yeah…


  1. MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK CAPE TOWN. This has got to be one of the happiest moments of the year. Getting invited to Fashion Week by Gaschette Magazine was truly a dream come true. I kept saying it was like fashion heaven. I had a great experience and I’m forever grateful to Gaschette Magazine. You can read all about how it went here.
  2. STARTING MY BUSINESS. I also launched/started my business ‘Styletech’ officially in January 2015. The first commodities I sold were my really cute pillows. It has been a success and hope to grow it more this year.
  3. BUYING MY OWN PHONE. After losing so many phones in 2014 and having to rely on my mum to replace them, she finally said enough is enough. After losing yet another phone on new years eve of 2014, she said that she wouldn’t replace it and I had to make money to buy one for myself. I was really busy with my business in January of 2014 and managed to make more than enough money to buy myself a phone for the first time. I have kept it until now.
  4. MY 20th BIRTHDAY. I had the most fun oh my gosh! What made it really cool was that I turned 20 on the 20th of February which happens like once or never in one’s lifetime. I also went to Table Mountain in Cape Town for my first time and climbed to the top in a Cable car.I was more than happy to be surrounded with my closest friends and my dear sissy Aggie.
  5. INTERVIEW WITH FASHION DESIGNER KIMMA WREH. Wow! This was also quite something! I can’t believe her PR chose me as one of the social media publicists to interview her about her clothing line. She was such an inspiration. You can read about the interview here.
  6. STARTING MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL. After months of debate, I finally got to starting my You Tube channel. This was also a milestone of 2015. However, with camera issues and video editing difficulties I really haven’t done much on it but that’s about to change this year!
  7. NEW FRIENDS. Oh My Gosh I have to say I met some of the coolest people in 2015. Definitely friends that I see myself keeping. The most special new friend I met this year was Luis ❤ ❤ ❤ He gives me so much joy. I met him when he came to Cape Town for a semester study abroad program. However, he had to go back to the States at the end of the semester which really saddened me. We still keep in touch though and I’m more than excited because I’ll be seeing him in two weeks as he’s coming to visit in Cape Town. Can’t wait!!!!! 🙂 🙂
  8. NEW PLACES. I got to visit so many beautiful new places in 2015. This made me start to appreciate nature and my surroundings more and more. Now, one of my goals is to travel around the world to get to see and experience even a wider variety of places. Some of these places were various 5-star hotels in Cape Town like The One and Only, Mount Nelson, Double Tree by Hilton. Also, various tourist attractions like riding an electric bike up Signal Hill, The Water Front, The Company Gardens, Hout Bay, Stellenbosch wine farms again, and many more. When I came back to Kenya for holiday in June I also made it a mission to appreciate my country’s beauty and toured a bit of Nairobi. I got to visit various tourist attractions like Oloolua Nature Trail, Nairobi Railway Museum, Giraffe Centre and Karen Blixen Museum. This year I make it a mission to take my tours a step further.
  9. MY FIRST PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SHOOT. I’ve always wanted to have a professional photo shoot and  was really grateful when I got the chance to do so thanks to my mummy and Azizi Hair and Beauty College where I was one of the models showcasing natural hair. You can read all about how it went here.
  10. CAMERA GIVE AWAY. Last but not least, this has got to be the highlight of 2015. I won a camera!!!!! A Canon Rebel Kit!!!! I was following some bloggers on Instagram who were having a give away for Christmas and I entered and won!!!!! Still in shock! I would never have afforded it by myself and my mum had refused to get one for me. I was thus making plans to save for a rather affordable one before this happened. I am ECSTATIC and cannot wait for it to be shipped. With this new achievement, I know my blog truly has a bright future ahead.










Thank you to all who contributed to my best moments of 2015. I really do appreciate it. Hopefully this year will be better.




Midi dress – Fashion World

Neck piece – my mum’s

Jacket – Mr Price

Shoes – Bata

Until next time

Teshie Ogallo




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