Hey guys.. I think this post is long overdue so here goes… If you follow me on social media, then you’ve probably figured out about my new found hobby… I have recently started loving nature photography as I believe photos of nature are just so beautiful and magical. However, I had not really had a chance to go on nature walks because let’s be honest….(in this day and age where the only things people find fun are drinking and partying)…who would go with me??? So anyway my nature photography was limited to walks to and from UCT. . . That is until I met Stefano, my house mate, who is doing his honours in MicroBiology and who has a great interest in such adventures. He invited me to go mushroom hunting with him and I brought my sister along on our second ‘hunt’ . We walked up to Newlands Forest and guys goddamn!!! The view and scenery is completely INSANE! I was literally in heaven. It all felt so peaceful and relaxing and we walked for hours into the forest while Stefano picked mushrooms and educated Aggie and I about them. I on the other hand, was busy trying to capture all the beautiful moments on my camera, some of which I’ll share with you here. ๐Ÿ™‚

On our walk to the forest we came across this hidden dam which is popular to UCT ย students. It’s actually a private dam and was fenced all around. However, someone cut a hole in the fence and graffitid the no entry sign and now students and others go there to enjoy the picture-perfect view.








Do you guys remember toadstools from fairy tales? Well this mushrooms’s real scientific name is Amanita muscaria. It is where fairies lived. This mushroom is hallucinogenic though and very poisonous so don’t go trying to eat it lol. You’ll honestly die..




As Stefano educates me. . .the above brown mushroom is called Boletus edulis aka porcini. Don’t expect to find these gourmet tasty mushrooms in your average store.



But anyway…enough of mushrooms for one day!!! Have a blessed Wednesday everyone..

until next time



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