Hey guys… Hahaha I couldn’t help it with the title 🙂 Hope your weekend and week has been fabulous! Had such a big exam I was busy preparing for…wrote it today morning… I feel so relieved but at the same time bummed because it’s back to the books early tomorrow! 😦 School life….bleh!

Anyway, as I was rushing through my wardrobe wondering what to wear to my exam I stumbled upon this cute orange sweater which I thought would bring so much brightness to a rather dull day…Especially because the weather wasn’t doing anything to cheer things up….I wore it with black jeans and my knee-high black boots… The jeans were a gift and the sweater I’m not too sure… I’ve had it for the longest time….It was also a gift from my mummy. I added a Styletech bow and a chunky neck piece to finish off the look.


Haha so funny thing is as I was taking the pictures, my camera ran out of battery after just a couple of photos and I was too lazy after charging it to continue shooting so yeah..That’s the reason for the few pictures…



I recently did tiny bantu knots on my hair and I’m really liking the tiny cute coils my hair is in now..Plus the coconut oil is keeping it so soft and healthy..

Anyway enough of hair and fashion for one day

Until next time



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