Hey my loves…So I took time off social media for a couple of days to un-depress myself about what is happening to the world and then got back today and WOW! Back to feeling like……..sh***

Anyway, before anything let us talk about my fabulous purple jacket that I got from Coats for Africa for only R100 or around $7…IMAGINE!! YES to thrift shopping! And it’s so warm…and so faaaaancy..I literally wanna wear it to everywhere..even to the cluuurb! You guys must have probably guessed just how much I love purple..like what! It’s such a royal colour and it makes me feel like royalty so lets all go and buy more purple items for our wardrobes and all flourish like queens together!




Now lets talk politics and the state America is in!! That Orlando shooting last weekend whaaaaaaaat! And the shooter looked so young!! How old was he? Actually I don’t really care…..What he did was terrible. I kept thinking about my baby Luis while I read the story and thanking God he doesn’t live in Orlando. And the worst part is that the shooter dared blame his foul actions on Islam. He is a liar and a disgrace to the Islam religion. I feel for his wife who he was physically abusing! He has no respect for women. Is that what Islam teaches? NO! Why do people put themselves on a pedestal and think they are better than others when we are all just equals??? Oh my Dear God! Come and save your world. It’s crumbling! My deepest condolences go out to all the families who lost their loved ones. Obama is RIGHT! You should listen to him America. He’s a wise man and y’all need to do something about gun control unless you wanna see your country going to the ashes. How dare you criticise him for talking about the root of the problem? shame on you all!

Aaaaaaand what about the strong woman Christina Grimmie who lost her life too?? All she was doing was trying to sign autographs for fans who think of her as a strong woman and strong ‘Voice’ singer too! I am back to being angry at the world!

Watch my boy Trevor Noah’s reaction here. He was almost in tears.

That is all.


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