Hey lovelies.. So as you can tell from the title I’m back to school in Cape Town….and quite sad about it actually. It’s only been one week into the semester and I miss home so bad. Also, the weather has been quite dreadful in Cape Town recently and that has contributed to my rather dull mood. I wish it could at least stop raining. Sigh..

Anyway after staying home alone yesterday night feeling sad for myself while all my comrades were out partying I decided to go out for a walk this morning to clear my head. I took my camera out with me to snap a few pictures of Cape Town’s beautiful scenery but the rain got the better of my walk and I had to take shelter under some shade. I then snapped these pictures and felt my mood lighten up immensely. It’s crazy just how much blogging makes me happy. I was wearing a pink trench coat with a pink sweater and my black thigh high boots which made me feel all levels of fabulous.


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  1. Esther says:

    This soft pink is my current favorite shade of pink, I love it! Looks fantastic on you. Don’t let the weather dumpen your mood.


    1. teshieogallo says:

      Thank you so much. I love this shade too 😊


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