Heeeey guys!! I am way too excited for this post because my vlogs are BACK with a BANG! I love doing videos, as you may know if you follow me on Snapchat. Anyway I really wanna document a lot of my adventures and what better way than through vlogs. I really hope you like this one. Hopefully, there’ll be many more to come.

I went to Simon’s Town for the first time ever last week with my sister Aggie. I’ve always wanted to go but never had the time or company of friends who would like to accompany me…so thank God for my big sister 🙂 🙂 It was so great…got to see all the cute penguins and spend time with nature which really relaxed me. Will try as much as possible to visit new places like this in my free time because I just realised how calming it is. I won’t write too much because there’s a vlog and numerous photos that speak for themselves so be entertained. 🙂

2016-08-01 21.02.21


Here’s the link to my Vlog on YouTube


Until next time



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