Heeeeeey my loves. Wooooooo!  I’ve had the most interesting week and I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you guys! My week started on such a good note. Probably why I ended up having thee best week. Positive energy yields positive life like for real guys! Anyway, I love Mondays..Haha I know you’re all probably like whaaaat. And Monday BLUES?  Nope not for me! I finish school at midday so I get to spend the rest of the day doing me which is great. I visited the Waterfront this Monday. I went alone because I really wanted some quality time by myself. Haha from the vlog I uploaded on youtube about my day at the harbour, most of you will probably think my day wasn’t going as planned but I managed to stay positive through it all and ended up thoroughly enjoying myself! Can’t wait for my next adventure alone. Now that I’ve given you a sneak peek of what you might expect in the vlog you have to go watch it here.

Moving on, I have been a fan of fur for a while now and I currently have 3 very beautiful fur coats. My latest and most loved purchase is this piece I got from The Lot, which is a South African designer brand. I think their clothes are so edgy and very in line with my style. I’ve been searching and searching for pure white fur for soo long and almost gave up on finding it until I popped up into their store during their 50% off sale and found this beauty. I fell in love instantly and ended up buying it instead of the multicoloured one I had officially wanted. You guys have to check their stuff out. It’s toooooo cool. Click here to view their website. #ilovethelot

Won’t talk too much. Here are the photos from the day. Hope you like them as much as I do.


My pleather pants are from Mr Price.

Ps: There is currently a R100 sale at The Lot. Don’t say no one told you.

Until next time



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    1. teshieogallo says:

      Thank you 😊 haha I love it too much to give


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