Hey my loves. September is here. Spring is here. School is here. This month is so swamped with school. I’m struggling to keep up with all the work. At least the weather is changing and becoming warmer which always brightens up my mood during dull school days. Yesterday I visited Sea Point again with my friend Trevor. Had the most stressful day and I’m really grateful to Trevor for accompanying me and helping to make me happy once again. If you are or ever will be in the Cape and are looking for a place to take thee best photos, Sea Point wins! It has a number of Β very good back drops and views. In my last post, I shot the photos at the rocky beach while in this post I was at the playground. There’s also an outdoor gym, massive swimming pool, the most magical sunsets I’ve ever experienced and just many interesting things to see as you walk along the promenade. I keep finding myself going back. Out of all the many places I’ve visited in Cape Town, Sea Point is definitely one of my top 5. I always find myself feeling happier or refreshed after a visit to Sea Point. Believe it or not, even though my day today was so busy I managed to smile and laugh my way through it all and I contribute a lot of the happiness I was feeling to my visit to Sea Point yesterday.

Find a place that relaxes you, keeps you calm and collected, makes you happy, inspires you too….and keep visiting that place whenever you don’t feel that great about life. Let it change your mood and make you YOU again! πŸ™‚










I uploaded a short video too which I put up on YouTube so go and watch it here.


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